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5 Tips For Running A Successful Promotion
Running a successful promotion takes more than inserting a coupon into the Val Pak or putting an ad in the newspaper. It’s more than clever wording, mascots, or even having the lowest price.
10 Time-Saving Ways To Use Your Tablet-based POS System
Managing a retail business is hard work. To stand a chance at succeeding, you have to find a way to accomplish things as efficiently and effectively as possible. A tablet POS can help you do that. Bindo POS will help you complete the following ten tasks in less time.
6 Holiday Shoppers Retailers Will Recognize This Season
As a retailer, the holidays are a bittersweet time. On the one hand, sales numbers are up. On the other hand, crowds of cranky customers clog the stores. Since you’re working anyway, why not entertain yourself by spotting these holiday shopping stereotypes in your store?
Bindo POS: Your Friendly Retail POS System
As retail continues to evolve, your point of sale system needs to be able to keep up. When you’re choosing a retail POS system, consider all Bindo has to offer. Bindo POS is a progressive, innovative retail solution perfect for any retail business.
The History of How POS Systems Became Mobile
A point of sale (POS) system is the tool retailers use when collecting payment from a customer at the time of purchase. Think of it as the location where a consumer transaction takes place. The history of POS systems spans multiple centuries and a variety of technologies.
Top 6 Restaurant Lighting Tips: How to Choose The Right Lighting
Restaurant lighting is about more than just décor. If you have beautiful fixtures but the shadows are unflattering, the lighting is ineffective. If you have the wrong intensity bulbs, you can ruin the mood of the restaurant. Take the following things into consideration when you choose lighting for your restaurant.
The History Behind How Barcodes Changed Inventory Tracking Technology
If necessity is the Mother of all invention, then history is its Father. All technological advances stand on the shoulders of previous discoveries. The history of the barcode as an inventory tracking technology is evidence of these facts.
5 Essential Restaurant Marketing Ideas With Proven Success
Your restaurant could serve the best food in town, but if your marketing strategy fails the community may never taste it. Include these five essential restaurant marketing ideas and you’ll be well on your way to culinary fame.
Tips For Retail Stores: Identifying and Preventing Excess Inventory
A retailer’s inventory is their own lab of balancing supply and demand. On the one hand, you want to have enough inventory available for customers who want it. On the other hand, you don’t want so much inventory that you’re stuck with extra stuff you can’t sell.
Mastering Social Media: Top 5 Restaurant Twitter Feeds To Follow
Do you follow your favorite restaurant on Twitter? Are you in charge of a restaurant’s Twitter account and want to know how to get more followers? Check out these five restaurant Twitter feeds. Be amazed and take notes from the pros who have it mastered.
Are Digital Wallets The Payment Of The Future?
Have you ever wondered why Bindo POS talks about being Apple Pay compatible? It’s because we view the world as innovators, as a company that’s taking the next step to pave the way for your retail business to follow.
Top 7 Retail Companies To Work For
Working in retail gets a bad wrap, especially around the holidays, but these retailers have found a way to make employees happy in the midst of making sales.
5 Features To Keep In Mind When Buying A Cloud Based POS System
When you’re looking for a POS system for your retail store, you want to make sure you get something that’s user-friendly and serves your specific needs. That being said, there are some features that are more critical than others for business management purposes.
5 Reasons Self-Checkout Lanes Are A Hassle
Self-checkout lanes were supposed to make our lives easier. They were supposed to make lines shorter and checkout more efficient. Newsflash: they don’t. Below are 5 reasons self-checkout lanes are a hassle.
The Best Way To Remove a Bad Yelp Review
There’s always that one person who was in a bad mood and had an unfortunate experience with your company that somehow finds the time to log a detailed complaint on Yelp. It doesn’t matter what you do or say; they’ll be grumpy regardless.
How to Keep Your Retail Employees Happy
Retailers with the highest rates of employee satisfaction extend most, if not all, of the following to their employees.
Upgrade to a Cloud-Based POS: The Complete Guide
To best understand the benefits of upgrading to a cloud-based POS system, you first need to know the definition of POS. POS is an acronym for Point-of-Sale. When asked to describe a POS system, the first image to come to mind for many people is a cash register. Point-of-sale means just that; it’s the point where you finalize the sale.
In-store Beacons: What Are They And What Do They Do For Retail?
As mobile phones have become more commonplace, mobile marketing strategies have become more progressive. In the past couple of years, retailers have installed in-store beacons to blur the line between online shopping and shopping in a brick and mortar store.
Are Check Out Lines Outdated? iPad POS: The New Cash Register
There was a time when phones were tethered to a wall, connected to a line that was attached to a switchboard. As technology progressed, homes began to house cordless phones.
Creating Memorable Customer Experiences: Employee Training
None of the practices in our series of posts about creating memorable customer experiences will make a difference in your bottom line if you don’t train your employees to implement them.
Creating Memorable Customer Experiences: Education
Years ago my best friend and I were walking through a large furniture store. Just for kicks, we laid down on a couple of the beds when we arrived in that section of the store.
Increase Customer Retention With Memorable Experiences: Technology
The GIF idea at the end of the last post is a great lead into the beauty of technology when it comes to creating memorable customer experiences.
Increase Customer Retention By Creating Memorable Experiences: The Five Senses
There is a restaurant in suburban Denver, Colorado that has reached legendary status simply because of the customer experiences provided there. People wait in long lines to pay for sub-par food just so they can get inside and enjoy the atmosphere.
What Is It About Kids And Giraffes? When Customer Experiences Go Viral
Recently the Dallas Zoo had a live video feed that drew more than two million online viewings. The feed showed the pen of a giraffe named Katie who would give birth to a calf any day now. The birth and the calf’s first steps could be watched by anyone with an Internet connection.
6 Customer Service Experiences Worth Tweeting About
This is the second post in a series about creating memorable customer experiences. The first one appeared on Friday and gave some examples about creating memorable online experiences for your customers. Today’s post focuses on companies that have a good track record of creating positive experiences in a variety of ways.
Examples Of Memorable Online Customer Experiences
If you want to increase the retail sales for your business, it’s not enough to have great customer service in your brick and mortar store. You need to have great customer service online, too. These stories show the power of customer service skills as provided via computer screen.
The Tax Benefits of Using an iPad POS
The income tax deadline in the United States may have recently passed, but taxes are an everyday part of life for small business owners around the world. Whether it’s sales tax, property tax, or service taxes, part of running a retail business is keeping up with the tax laws and staying compliant.
Customer Loyalty In The Digital Age: Keep ‘Em Coming Back For More
In the digital age, your customers have apps that let them search for products, compare products, review products, check prices, compare prices, and even buy the product without ever stepping foot in your store.
Blurred Lines: 6 Ecommerce Trends 2015 Retailers Should Note
It doesn’t matter if your entire retail business is online or if you run a brick and mortar retail store, ecommerce trends apply to you. That’s a trend in and of itself.
Don’t Go Cash-Only: High-Risk Credit Card Processing Options
It’s not always you the credit card processing company doesn’t trust. Sometimes it’s your clientele. High-risk merchandise makes some processing companies nervous. Those companies aren’t willing to take a risk so they decline to serve certain industries regardless of how good the business owner’s credit may be.
Customer Service Skills To Use When It’s The Last Item In Stock
It’s a retailer’s nightmare. With only one product left in stock, two customers approach and they both want to buy it. If they’re not physically fighting for it, there’s a good chance you can remedy the situation. When fists start to fly, call security and put the product back on display (after they leave the store, of course).
A Rant About RMS Runtime Error 429
Is there anything more frustrating to see on your computer screen than this? Not only are you unable to complete the task you were undertaking, but the error message may as well be written in a foreign language.
Why Amazon Feels Threatened By Brick and Mortar Retail Stores
In true David and Goliath fashion, brick and mortar retail stores have turned Amazon on its head thanks in large part to the ability of small businesses to have an omnichannel presence.
3 Ways An iPad POS Improves Tipping
Want to give your restaurant employees a raise without it coming out of your pocket? Make it easier for them to get higher tips. We’re not suggesting more hours of training (although that probably wouldn’t hurt). We’re not talking about table dancing or karaoke either. What we’re suggesting is something as easy as using the right point of sale system.
What To Do If Your eCommerce Platform Was With Amazon Webstore
When Amazon Webstore phases out, some online retailers will be forced to find a new online store builder. For the small businesses that outsource web development or graphic design this can potentially be a costly change. But the entire event could also be an opportunity. Keep reading.
5 mPOS Environment Trends To Watch
When you work in retail, it’s easy to get caught up in promotions and inventory and miss the limitless possibilities that drew you into business in the first place. Sometimes in life, it’s smart to step back and take a look at the bigger picture, to see the forest instead of examining individual trees.
Retailers, Get Ready For The EMV Upgrade
There’s a lot of buzz in the payments community about the EMV upgrade. As a retailer you need to be informed enough to act before the October 2015 deadline. Use these questions and answers to make an educated decision about your next steps.
4 Funny Retail Stories You Won’t Believe
It’s not just The People of Walmart that keep retail an entertaining industry, although the site does provide a steady stream of “Are you kidding me?!” moments. But in the realm of current events over the past couple of weeks are some stories that find their basis in online retail related contexts. We can’t make up stories like these.
Easter For Retailers – Sales Tips & Trends For 2015
Easter is quickly approaching. Even though it falls later this year (in April rather than March), it seems to be a surprise. So much of the United States is still trying to thaw out after a harsh winter.
All-In-One Small Business Management Tool For Retailers
What if there was an all-in-one small business management tool for retailers? Sure, the all-in-one printer is nice, but with so much of business being digital, it’s not a key player like it once was. You need something like a multi-purpose tool, a Swiss Army Knife for small business.
Writing A Food Truck Business Plan: Lessons from a Lemonade Stand
So you want to open a food truck business because you have some great recipes and a go-get-‘em attitude. Fantastic! Passion is important. But you’ll also need a business plan. While a food truck is a much more grown-up version of a lemonade stand, there are some parallels to make the task feel a little less formidable.
What You Can Learn From Retail Customer Complaints – Bosses’ (Serious) Edition
To work in retail is to hear complaints. It’s your job to address each complaint, found or unfounded, from each retail customer. While this part of the job is often the source of headaches, it can also be educational. Here’s a list of things you can learn from customer complaints.
9 Valentine’s Day Gifts NOT To Buy the Woman in Your Life
Valentine’s Day is February 14th. Check your phone. What’s today’s date? If you want to get the special woman in your life something to let her know she’s your “Be Mine”, there are plenty of retailers with ample ideas. Just look for the red tags, red hearts, red roses, red candy boxes, and red wine.
4 Things You Can Learn From Customer Complaints – Employee Edition
People are not easily pleased. If you’ve worked in retail for more than an hour, you’ve figured that out. But no matter how cranky a customer may be, there is always something you can learn from them… even if it’s how to keep your sense of humor.
“Ugh! It’s Him Again.” How To Deal With Difficult Customers
His reputation preceded him. Your co-workers scattered when they saw him coming, but you were too new to know any better so you asked how you could help. His first comment to you: “You’re new.”
How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With an iPad Based POS
Even if you don’t like Al Gore, it’s time to acknowledge that global warming is real. Did we really think we could release all those emissions into the atmosphere without any ramifications?
How To Market Your Small Business On Pinterest
Pinterest offers more than recipes and craft ideas. Used strategically, it can be an effective (and budget friendly) way to market your small business. Keep these six tips in mind as you pin.
10 Tips for Retailers Preparing for Black Friday & Small Business Saturday
It’s here. The season retailers both anticipate and dread is upon us. Are you ready? Holiday shopping starts with a bang on Black Friday, continues with Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday on through the New Year. As a retailer it will behoove you to prepare early for the big shopping days.
iPad POS As The Future For Retailers
Do you remember when television shows like Star Trek, The Jetson’s and Knight Rider seemed far-fetched in regards to technology? Now holograms, video calls and communication devices within a watch are available to the masses. The future is now!
10 Women in Retail Who Are Doing It Well
The wage gap for women in retail may still be at the forefront of everyone’s mind, but while some wait for the disparity to subside, others are taking control of their own destiny by founding or running these retail stores, chains and giants.