Omnichannel Order
Management System

Bindo OMS consolidates all the offline and online orders from all over the marketplace for your business.

Expand your business with 3rd party integrations with the world leading platforms

Unified Order Management System

With our POS being fully integrated with an OMS, you can increase customer experience due to the customers’ contact details and order status being synced to both your store’s POS and the deliverer’s mobile POS.

Revenue driven reservation booking

With a wide range of delivery and logistic platforms to integrate with.
We guarantee that real-time menu and order synchronization can be done very smoothly.

Integrate with multiple food delivery brands

Integrate your Bindo POS store with the most popular food delivery platforms such as Deliveroo, Foodpanda, and Uber Eats to give your customers a variety of options to buy their cravings.

Deliver your goods in time

Plan and arrange for the best courier service to move your items from place to place. This will definitely allow your customers will be impressed with the timely delivery.

Retail platform integration for e-commerce

No matter what your store is selling, Bindo POS have you covered by providing 3rd party integration to online retail platforms such as Amazon and Tmall.

The most efficient point of sale solution

Sell thousands of products while giving your clients a smooth customer journey.

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