Refer a Partner

Our mission at Bindo is to enable the hospitality, F&B, retail, and every other industry in between to thrive. If you know a merchant who is ready to upgrade their POS system, we would love to meet them and introduce them to Bindo. You will earn the corresponding bonus in return when the customer starts using our Bindo POS solution.

How it Works

You refer a partner.

Give us the basics in the form and we’ll take it from there.

We connect your referral.

The Bindo Team will reach out to your referral and let them know that its your recommendation. If it’s good lead, we’ll show them a demo and start getting into business.

Your refer signs up for Bindo.

Thanks to your recommendation, another fantastic company has become a partner of Bindo. We’ll start working to get their business up and running on our Bindo solution.

Your earn a bonus.

Once your referral has worked with Bindo for 30 days, we’ll send you an confirmation email regarding the bonus.

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