Inventory and Cost Control

Bindo provides visibility to your inventory, allowing you to gain insight into the flow of all your inventory items.

The inventory management tool that frees you from headaches

Automatic, accurate, and portable inventory management at your fingertips.

Insightful Reports

Generate and view reports of your ingredients for actionable insights to make upcoming decisions. Moreover, you can easily upload a batch of inventory with a .csv file on Excel spreadsheets.

Painless Product Matrix

Maintain accurate stock counts and track your real-time sales. Add items, delete items, and search within your inventory with ease. Our Product matrix allows you to choose desired items quickly and sort your inventory in no time. You can also view the stock level of other stores to prevent losing sales due to items that have run out of stock.

Simple Scan Technology

Simply scan an item’s barcode and its photo, title, and description will be automatically retrieved from our database of over 10,000,000 products. Say goodbye to manually inputting inventory as Bindo Simple Scan auto-fills all of the info for you.

Track your inventory with ease

Manage stock transfers between warehouse, central kitchen, and outlets

Manage costs with recipe and ingredient tracking module

Simplify the process from purchase orders to goods received notes

Accessible anytime and anywhere

Smart alert to never miss a sale opportunity

Intelligent reorder suggestions by identifying items below the reorder trigger point which allows you to view the recent sales to make a decision

Alert users to replenish inventory

Seamless synchronization of your inventory across multiple stores

The most efficient point of sale solution

Sell thousands of products while giving your clients a smooth customer journey.

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