The Hospitality POS Creating Exceptional and Memorable Guest Experience

By providing pioneering technology, Bindo POS keeps you prevalent with the hospitality industry through exceptional features such as CRM, PMS integration, and even physical and digital gift cards.

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Total solution for your Hospitality business

Innovative POS features to enhance both the front and back office, maximizing the revenue of your luxury hotel, boutique hotel or bed and breakfast. On top of that, it can be fully integrated with your PMS and Material Control solution.

Hotel PMS Intergration

Integration with the leading hotel property management systems such as Oracle’s Opera

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CRM & Loyalty

Gather details of your customers in one system and customize loyalty programs around them.

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Inventory & Cost Control

Automatic, accurate, painless and portable inventory management at your fingertips.

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Analytics & Reporting

Comprehensive data and insights about your business summarized to be easily understood

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Table Management

Integrated table managment to optimize your guests’ seating

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Omnichannel OMS

Expand sales by intergrating multiple delivery channels through Bindo unified system.

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Manage your F&B outlets, gift shops, spas and other facilities with one unified system

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Payment Integration

Our Payment Solution supports all major offline and online payment methods

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Gift Cards & Vouchers

An alternative to cash and a part of promotion strategy, gift cards help with market exploration

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Pioneering POS solution for the Hospitality industry

For hoteliers, the key element of any successful business is to provide memorable experiences for their guests right from the arrival to the end of their trip at the airport. Bindo provides a comprehensive service system which caters to every phase of their stay, not only boosting sales and revenue but also effeciently saving cost and man-power with PMS integration.

Integration with Hotel PMS

Bindo POS integrates seamlessly with the leaders in Property Management software including Oracle and Infor, so staff can quickly access information about individual guests. In addition, activities such as posting bills, accounting, and revenue management are done directly through the POS.

Mobile Ordering from the room or the pool

With an intergrated POS system, orders are proceeded and monitored simultaneously through both the Mobile App and Bindo POS. Moreover, any new setups or changes made through the iPad POS will be automatically synced on the Mobile App. In return, all orders received by the Mobile App will be instantly alerted iPad POS system.

Detailed reports and analytics

Keep track of real-time sales, revenues, and profits all in one place with key performance indicators. With over a hundred of powerful pre-made and customzied reports, metrics, and analytics, you can view specific data to make educated deicisions for your next business move.

The gift that gives even more

Gift cards are a growing trend in shoppers. Over 70% of gift card users spend more money than the value of the card - an extra $20, on average. We can help create personalized gift cards for your business and increase your brand awareness and regconition to both old and new clients.

How Bindo is helping
Rosewood Hong Kong

A 5-Star international luxury hotel in Hong Kong, Rosewood provides exquisite customer service to every guest. With 9 unique restaurants in the hotel, the Bindo POS solution allows the management team to have a clear overview of each restaurant's menus, pricing, income, and overall status. This has also allowed the staff to anticipate their guests’ needs and realize their preferences. After all, hotel guests get the most satisfaction when they are served with the best food and amenities by the most professional services.
Ever since using our POS solution, Rosewood has started implementing other products and features such as the personalized gift cards which we designed.

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