Kitchen Display System

Serve your guests rapidly, accurately, and effectively with Bindo's intergrated Kitchen Display System.

Keep your chefs well-informed

Mount our KDS anywhere visible in the kitchen for your chefs to receive and keep track of all the orders coming in. With Bindo’s unified system, any orders made will be instantly delivered to the kitchen.
As the KDS displays accurate real-time requests, changes, and order time, chefs can ensure that all the dishes are well-prepared through a direct line between the front and back of house.

A configurable tool acting as your to-do list

Trade away the old, confusing tickets that you have to manually sort out for a tech-savvy KDS. Your chefs can now access and organize the orders digitally with our configurable system, enabling you to serve the right food at all times.

Modified according to your kitchen setup

Bindo KDS is engineered to fit with however your kitchen is set up. From single stationed to multiplied stationed kitchens, the KDS streamlines your workflow by routing dishes to the correct stations. Moreover, with delivery integrated into the system, you can send your orders to the kitchen right away.

Simplified kitchen workflow

Bindo KDS permits staff to manage incoming orders more effectively through color coding, whether the dish is being cooked or if it’s ready to be brought out to the customer. The KDS is also set up to blink when new orders are left pending, alerting you without breaking workflow.

Recipe Display

Bindo KDS lets you upload recipes with videos and images on it and gives access to the kitchen on those recipes for training and revision purpose. Such recipes are saved and searched by the staff with ease.

Quick view of kitchen orders

View new, working, and completed kitchen orders quick and effective with streamlined orders summary for your chef’s most effective decision-making

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