Employee Time Clock

Bindo's staff management system is a reliable technology to warrant employee punctuality.

Manage your team workflow easier than ever


Management of staff’s daily attendance

Fast & Reliable

Fast and reliable clock-In & clock-out


Fail-safe face capture

Facial recognition is the future

Get rid of physical time cards and start tracking your associates' time spent on the job with Bindo's PIN-based staff management system.

Time tracking for your team

You can access your dashboard to see your team’s time spent on the job even when they are away from the register. Furthermore, their past workdays and timecards are summarized.

Improve your team perfomance and business revenue

Track your employees’ time spent on their workshifts. In turn, improve staffing, boost sales, and reduce the potential for losses.

Valuable insights at your fingertips

Become aware of your top selling employees and the ones who need a little coaching. Bindo’s staff management system helps you make the best decisions in regards to helping your team’s productivity and ialso reducing attrition.

Keep track of your team’s hours at a glance

See your staff’s clock-in and clock-out timeline to make sure that your business is open and running at the right times. You can also monitor sensitive actions with an advanced activity log to stay on top of sudden changes by tracking and adjusting schedules from anywhere.

The most efficient point of sale solution

Sell thousands of products while giving your clients a smooth customer journey.

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