Payment Gateway

The omnichannel payment gateway with all the built-in extensions to suit your in-app and mobile payments

Gain Value Without Borders

Lighting-speed transaction

Boost your transaction processing speed with a unified payment platform

Risk-free & secured

Create brilliant guest experience while staying ahead of risk and fraud through our all-in-one integration

International coverage

Expand your business beyond your local region through an international payment gateway with no foreign transaction fees

Local payments support

Diversify your payment gateway by integrating with the popular payment methods in your local community

Diverse payment methods

It is our goal to both please your customers and further increase your customer base. To accommodate their preferred ways of paying, we accept all forms of international debit and credit cards, digital wallets, and local payment methods.

Unified Payment Platform

Feel the power of our payment platform as it safeguards fast and secure transactions between your bank and payment processor. Moreover, stay ahead of risk and fraud through our one integrated platform which can bring all your payments together.

Receive payments instantly

With the Bindo Business Card, you can get your money from your clients right away during the next business day. In the meantime, you can keep gain an insight into your cash flow with real-time updates regarding sales and inventory.

No need to worry about extra fees

With no statement fees or chargeback fees, there is no need to worry about extra payments of any sort. When a payment dispute does occur, our experts at Bindo will help you deal with them.

Comprehensive insights and analytics

Gain a thorough view of how money flows through your business from top-notch granular data on every transaction and instant insights on our merchant dashboard and your customized reports

The most efficient point of sale solution

Sell thousands of products while giving your clients a smooth customer journey.

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