Bindo POS for

Full Service Restaurants

Keeping your restaurant effecient and profitable

Running a full service restaurant requires giving your customers a full service experience. Bindo F&B POS ensures flawless communication between the front and back of house and streamlines all operations from serving the right plate to printing the right receipt.

How Bindo is helping Taste Gourmet Group

Taste Gourmet Group Limited is an F&B group based in Hong Kong offering a variety of cuisines under a portfolio of 10 self-owned brands, 3 licensed brands, and 1 more joint venture brand. With a total of 30 restaurants, TGG has been offering authentic Asian experiences such as Japanese and Vietnamese while also offering Western selections and innovative fusion cuisines since 2007. From implementing Bindo’s core POS solutions to their daily operations in the begining stages, TGG has also been utilizing a web app designed by our team. The mobile app features unique functions including a loyalty and membership system, an e-commerce platform, voucher redemption, and mobile ordering. With all of these functions covered in their very own app, managing customers has never been easier.

The best point of sale solution for full service restaurants

No matter if your customers are at a table, bar, or on the terrace, Bindo F&B POS offers on-the-spot services and will not miss out on anyone. Features including Table and Reservation Management allow you to get to know your guests’ habits and preferences and manage their orders and requests directly. Regardless of how busy your restaurant gets, our POS allows you to operate your restaurant efficiently and create a memorable guest experience.

Why choose Bindo POS for your business

Around the clock support

24/7 phone support. No waiting times. Email and chat available.

Intuitive interface

Intuitive and easy to use. Train your staff to master their POS skills in under 30min.

Beautiful aesthetics

Of their employees use it daily

The most efficient point of sale solution

Sell thousands of products while giving your clients a smooth customer journey.

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