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Wine & Liquor Stores

Sell your alcohol goods without any hassle

From customers buying the finest wines for their best friend’s birthday to college students buying vodka and tequlia for frat parties, Bindo Retail POS ensures that your inventory will be easily mangeable in order for you to sell to your customers of age.

How Bindo is helping Gramercy Wine Cellars

A favorite amongst the locals in Gramercy Park, Gramercy Wine Cellars is known for its hand-selected shelves of delicious reds, whites, cordials, whiskeys, vodkas and everything inbetween. The knowledgeable owners and staff greet every customer with a smile and bestow them with their incredible knowledge, which usually ends with a perfect pairing for the customer’s evening... or day! Prior to using Bindo, Gramercy Wine Cellars was using a PC-based POS, which continually broke down. They needed something quick! We were there for them, and got them up and running quickly and smoothly. With Bindo’s Simple Scan technology and seamless checkout, GWC’s POS problems are long gone. With an ever-growing selection of wines, and a system that continuously improves, GWC is ready for the future of retail.

The Best Point of Sale Solution for Wine and Liquor Stores

While customers may only need a bottle or two, you probably have thousands of wine to keep track of. Use our Simple Scan Technology to add new SKUs to your inventory and view custom reports and real-time inventory updates on the go. Moreover, you can also easily manage your purchases and suppliers so that you can get more bottles of Dom Perignon!

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Around the clock support

24/7 phone support. No waiting times. Email and chat available.

Intuitive interface

Intuitive and easy to use. Train your staff to master their POS skills in under 30min.

Beautiful aesthetics

Of their employees use it daily

The most efficient point of sale solution

Sell thousands of products while giving your clients a smooth customer journey.

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