Pickup Display

Use Bindo Pickup Display system to soothe any post-order related problems in your store.

Self-checking order status

Collect your ticket to see your pickup number and the estimated pickup time

Self-ordering with mobile app

Option to get your ticket digitally by scanning a QR code

Complete integration with Bindo products

Our Customer Pick Up Screen is integrated with our POS and Kitchen Display Screen to allow your kitchen staff and front of house staff to manage internal workflow with ease.

Designed in a modern, minimalist aesthetic

Sleek and user-friendly, the interface shows clear and detailed information regarding your guests’ order information to keep them in check.

A seamless restaurant experience

Provide an incredible guest service experience with Bindo Pickup Display which shows up to 15 orders ready to be picked up. No matter if the order is made through mobile ordering, a self-service kiosk, or a walk-in guest, all orders are seamlessly synchronized and shown through one unified display system.

Minimize human errors

Physical and digital tickets

Accurate display for ready items

Estimates time for pickup

Adaptable to any screen size

Fully integrated with Bindo POS

Integration with pagers

The most efficient point of sale solution

Sell thousands of products while giving your clients a smooth customer journey.

"Excellent!" - 4.9 stars
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