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Bindo POS is packed with over 300 features in a beautiful, easy-to use design.
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Smart Register

Show related products for up-selling. Smart and automatic promotion recommendations when checking out.

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Cash Managment

Easy to use, highly customizable register with integrated payment support for cash and credit cards.

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CRM & Loyalty

Gather details of your customers in one system and customize loyalty programs around them.

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Inventory & Cost Control

Automatic, accurate, painless and portable inventory management at your fingertips.

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Ingredient Tracking Module

Take control of the cost of your food by managing each item’s recipe down to every ingredient level.

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Promotion Engine

Apply discounts at any point of the sales process to accommodate for every scenario

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Supply Chain Management

Manage supplier orders, purchase orders, and receiving notes in a single location with Bindo’s unified system.

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Multi-store Management

Share detailed information across all stores while the setup can be individual.

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Analytics & Reporting

Comprehensive data and insights about your business summarized to be easily understood

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Employee Time Clock

Track your associates' time on the job with Bindo's PIN-based staff management system.

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Omnichannel OMS

Expand sales by intergrating multiple delivery channels through Bindo unified system.

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Hotel PMS Integration

Integration with the leading hotel property management systems such as Oracle’s Opera.

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API Integration

Bindo’s API lets you access our data so you can build your apps better and faster.

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Table Management

Integrated table managment to optimize your guests’ seating

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