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Pet Stores

The perfect partner for your pet store

Keep all your pet food and pet toys in check with Bindo Retail POS as our solution guarantees that your clients’ pets will be able to always get their refills due to our inventory cost control and multi-channel commerce features.

How Bindo is helping PS9 Pet Supplies

PS9 Pets has been serving the animals of Williamsburg, Brooklyn and their people for nearly a decade. Carrying only the best in premium pet foods and treats, they are committed to helping owners find a diet that best suits their furry friends’ needs. PS9 also supports local animal shelters and helps local rescue groups in their efforts to keep animals off the streets and out of shelters. Before Bindo, PS9 was using a cash register which they used to manage thousands of items, all of which had to be tracked by hand. Then they were introduced to Bindo, and hours spent tracking inventory turned into minutes, and their in-store transactions have been revolutionized. Ever since switching, PS9 has more time to spend with their furry friends, knowing that everything else in their business is taken care of by Bindo. If you’re in Brooklyn area, come drop by and see for yourself, and maybe you’ll find a new best friend!

The Best Point of Sale Solution for Pet Stores

Pet owners can be very picky about what they're purchasing for their four-legged companions. After all, everyone loves to spoil their pets. Thousands of pets with thousands of preferences mean thousands of SKUs and products. Unlike other iPad POS vendors, our system has a robust inventory management system that is capable of supporting an unlimited number of stores and SKUs.

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Around the clock support

24/7 phone support. No waiting times. Email and chat available.

Intuitive interface

Intuitive and easy to use. Train your staff to master their POS skills in under 30min.

Beautiful aesthetics

Of their employees use it daily

The most efficient point of sale solution

Sell thousands of products while giving your clients a smooth customer journey.

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