Customer Display

Experience a real-time connection and allow your customer to understand exactly what they are paying for.

Be transparent with your customers

Our Customer Display is a device which displays itemized order information to your customers. When connected with Bindo POS,  these versatile screens will automatically show transactional information such as promotions, loyalty info, pricing, and taxes to your customers during the checkout process. Not only does this ensure a quick and accurate transaction, but it also gives customers extra confidence as they check out of your store.

Customize your POS with your branding

Customize your display by implementing your logo and brand colors. Add photos of your specific goods or your venue as the background to enhance its design.

Let your customers confirm their purchase

After totaling your client’s payment, allow them to confirm the total price and choose whichever method they would like to pay.

Allow customers to control the checkout process

Provide a swift experience to your customers with the ease of information access. A customer display monitor allows the customer to view their purchases while the sale is being made, increasing the transparency between you and your customer.

Increase customer satisfaction

In just 30 seconds, you will understand the core customer insights with no need to irk your guests with long surveys. A feature to analyze your customer's satisfaction, rating forms are easy to create and customize as per your business demands.

Empower your customers to encourage your staff

The customer display system allows customers to manually select their tip if they wish to do so. With this feature, the possibility of your staff earning more is skyrocketed.

The most efficient point of sale solution

Sell thousands of products while giving your clients a smooth customer journey.

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