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Bindo offers all the features you need to run your business whether it’s online or offline

Our product

POS for F&B

Dedicated features to operate your restaurants and bars efficiently

POS for Retail

Dedicated features to operate your retail or pop-up stores efficiently

POS for Hospitality

Dedicated features to integrate with hotel systems including PMS, Accounting, and ERP

Payment Terminal

Wireless terminal that supports all modern payment methods

Online Payment Gateway

Integrated payment gateway for e-commerce and mobile ordering

Mobile Ordering

A scan-to-order system for customers to place orders anywhere anytime

Self-service Kiosk

An intuitive self-service kiosk with a built-in payment terminal

Customer Display

Customer Display screen with detailed sales information

Gift Cards

Physical or digital gift cards that are either one-time use or rechargeable

Queue System

A system which helps manage your waiting customers orderly

Pickup Display

A system which notifies your customers when their orders are ready for pickup

Kitchen Display

Smart and modern way to get all your kitchen orders organized and prepared

Bespoke App

A customized app (membership, loyalty, e-vouchers etc.) integrated with Bindo POS

Web Builder

Your e-commerce website with our own CMS platform integrated with Bindo POS

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