We want your business to have the right technology solution in order for you to thrive in today’s constantly evolving global economy.

What we do.

Bindo is a POS technology company headquartered in New York with APAC headquarters in Hong Kong. The company also has branches in Mainland China and reselling partners based in Thailand, Singapore, and Cambodia. Our core product is a cloud-based point of sale system which is widely used in hotels, restaurants, and retail stores. Bindo's hyperlocal marketplace allows our clients to run their stores, merchandise online, and connect them with consumers in their regions, creating a real-time product graph that connects brands, consumers, and merchants all together.

Who we are.

Bindo was founded in 2010 by Jason Ngan and JoMing Au, who both shared a vision that the processes of shopping in brick and mortar stores and shopping online shouldn’t be so difficult. They decided to work together to create a marketplace to strengthen local economies by indexing the products and making it accessible through the local stores. Ever since, it has been Bindo’s mission to strengthen businesses’ operational efficiency and raise their profits by providing groundbreaking yet convenient technology.

Why we do this.

At Bindo, we want to help businesses in the retail, F&B, and hospitality industries through our powerful POS and payment solutions. We envision ourselves to be the world’s leading choice for businesses to sell their products and services in the simplest manner. With our technology, we believe that we could help businesses of all sizes grow and succeed by bridging them with their local communities,