Analytics and Reporting

Make the best business decisions with the help of our real-time data analytics. Optimize your bottom line and reduce costs with income statement breakdowns.

Gain insight to your daily activities for revenue and profit maximization

Sales summary report

The breakdown of revenue, costs, margins, and more numbers presented in a comprehensive yet succinct form

Comparative reporting

Compare sales across multiple locations or time periods in a single report.

Day of the week filter

View your performance on specific days of the week to measure the impact of holidays or promotions

Magnify each transaction

Observe the details of every sale with an unmatched level of flexibility

Access real-time data from anywhere

One place to store all of your data

All the insights you're looking for is presented in one report so there is no downloading required for extra analysis.

Real-time sales, menus, and labor data

Say goodbye to waiting for days and weeks to review results.

Automatic nightly email

Key business metrics sent directly to your inbox.

Find the optimal solution for your business

Optimize your bottom line by scrutinizing your best and worst selling products. Cut costs efficiently and maximize operating income once and for all.

Keep an eye on your performance while on the go

Cloud-enabled reporting

Access your data anytime and anywhere.


Pull up your reports on your phone if you're on the go.

The most efficient point of sale solution

Sell thousands of products while giving your clients a smooth customer journey.

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