Multi-store Management

Bindo’s multi-store features are the perfect solution for restaurants and stores with more than one location.

Manage all of your stores from a single device

Take control of your stores anywhere

To manage your entire chain, you can create a ‘master’ location with super-admin privileges and view sales across all of your locations on just one screen. Moreoover, you can set roles for your staff and give them access to certain sections.

Inventory management made as easy as possible

View a list of your 100+ stores’ pending and fulfilled stock transfers while having the option to upload a batch of ingredient stock transfer requests through an Excel csv file.

With our POS, you can do more than just managing your chain’s inventory

Gain insight into your chain through analytics

Our real-time reporting system allows you to become aware of which stores, products, and staff are doing well and which ones need improvement, helping you to make your next business decisions.

Integrate with external plaforms for e-commerce

Even with tens and hundreds of stores, you can boost sales and profit through your e-commerce store as long as your data is centrally located, automatically syncing in-store and online info.

The most efficient point of sale solution

Sell thousands of products while giving your clients a smooth customer journey.

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