Payment Terminal

The lightweight Bindo mobile payment terminal is seamlessly integrated to the Bindo POS, allowing transactions to be smooth, swift, and convenient.

Support multiple payment methods

Bindo Payment Terminal accepts many payment methods ranging from debit and credit cards to digital wallet platforms in addition to printing receipts.

Fast and simple

Tap, dip, or swipe - pay quickly and securely


Portable and light-weight for enhanced mobility


Every sale transaction is securely encrypted

Powerful features for a contactless world

Bindo’s payment terminal supports all modern payment methods in a portable and wireless package. Take payments at the guest table or even on a boat.

Payment of your choice

Bindo’s payment terminal provides both international and local payment methods and supports multiple currencies with competitive transaction rates to enable a flawless transcational process between you and your customers.

EMV to keep you risk free

Due to the worldwide increased usage of EMV chip cards, your business will be 100% at risk of a chargeback transaction if your POS terminal isn’t able to process them. However, with an EMV-capable POS, liability shifts 100% to the bank, protecing you from fraudulent credit card transactions.

Connect payment to customer display

Before settling their payment, customers can view their payment summary on a screen catered to them to interact with. Finally, with just one simple tap on the “Confirm" button, the payment is instantly processed.

Going the extra mile to keep you safe

As today's world is filled with credit card breaches, we recognize that security is the #1 priority for all businesses. Bindo's fortified protocol module enables military-grade security, your customers' credit card data is fully encrypted and tokenized at the Point-of-Sale. Data is never stored on the iPad POS itself and all our equipment is tamper-proof, meaning that you will never have to worry about stolen information.


Apple Pay


Bindo's integration with Apple Pay is revolutionary in the retail space. Think about all the time saved and the ease of use. Also, the security of credit processing for retail POS could not be easier. Bindo is always quick to highlight the evolving feature set and customer support.

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Scan to Pay

Our flexible system supports multiple payment methods and includes contactless payments which can be done easily by scanning the QR code. The payment system connected to Bindo POS will automatically read the sales amount and process the payment without the need to input it manually.

Honest pricing to alleviate your worries

Statement fees, chargeback fees, compliance fees... Say goodbye to those extra nuisances

Data security to protect both parties

We keep your data safe instead of giving this worrisome responsibility to you

The most efficient point of sale solution

Sell thousands of products while giving your clients a smooth customer journey.

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