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From integration with delivery platforms to ingredient cost control, Bindo POS provides you the tools you need to face the challenges of the constantly evolving industry

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Simplify your restaurant operations

From quick-service restaurants to full-service restaurants to cafes and bars, Bindo’s all-in-one POS covers everything you need

Payment Integration

Our Payment Solution supports all major offline and online payment methods

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CRM & Loyalty

Gather details of your customers in one system and customize loyalty programs around them.

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Inventory & Cost Control

Automatic, accurate, painless and portable inventory management at your fingertips.

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Analytics & Reporting

Comprehensive data and insights about your business summarized to be easily understood

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Table Management

Integrated table managment to optimize your guests’ seating

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Multi-store Management

Share detailed information across all stores while the setup can be individual.

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Omnichannel OMS

Expand sales by intergrating multiple delivery channels through Bindo unified system

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Supply Chain Management

Manage supplier orders, purchase orders, and receiving notes in a single location with Bindo’s unified system

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Mobile Ordering

Scan, order, and pay from any mobile devices

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Lightning-Fast Table Management

Automatic, fast, and effective. Stay updated with table status through a color-coded system, identify which parties require services and which tables are reserved, and assign tables to parties with ease so that you can start taking orders right away.

Powerful Inventory and Cost Control

Recipe and ingredient level cost control

Fully customizable inventory reports

Manage your inventory on the go

Reorder suggestions on low stock

Multi-location and Chain Management

Log into any store from anywhere

View sales transactions across multiple locations at once

View a list of pending and fulfilled stock transfers

Update every store’s menu instantly

Intelligent Menu System

Instant item selection at checkout

Automated availability based on time and day

Large photos on display

Pure text option for even faster checkouts

Advanced Modifier Sets

Support complex combos and set meals

Opt-in or opt-out; add to or deduct from price

Minimum and maximum number of choices

Integrated with ingredient tracking

Delivery & Logistic Integration

Wide range of third-party integration with premier food delivery platforms including Deliveroo, Foodpanda, Grab, Ubereats

Integration with leading logistic platforms including Zeek, Gogovan, and Lalamove

Consolidation of all online orders

Direct kitchen printing

Reports & Analytics

Keep track of real-time sales, revenues, and profits all in one place with key performance indicators. With over a hundred of powerful pre-made and customized reports, metrics, and analytics, you can view specific data to make educated decisions for your next business move.

How Bindo is helping Hana-Musubi

The best Japanese Omusubi specialty chain in Hong Kong, Hana-Musubi is well-known for its freshly made Omusubi with premium Japanese rice and seasonal ingredients from Japan. Its mission is to ensure its customers receive the best Omusubi every time they visit its stores. As of current times, Hana-Musubi has opened more than 90 outlets and is still expanding.
In need of a POS system to take control of all the sales in all the outlets, Hana-Musubi started using Bindo's solutions to help its stores operate more efficiently! The Bindo POS allows the staff to take control of every sale, staff, and inventory stocks in any outlet within fingertips, making the order and payment processes smoother.

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