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We’re back! & Our POS Is Better Than Ever!
Yes, we know it’s been quiet around here and we are sorry that it took so long for us to provide a proper update. There have been a lot of changes at Bindo and its POS since the last time this blog was updated.
Tips & Ideas: Retail Sales Games For Employees
Fun is motivational. So is competition. Combine the two into a retail sales game, and suddenly you’re building morale among employees while motivating them to accomplish company goals. Before we discuss ideas for games you could potentially use, let’s look at some key components of a motivational retail sales game.
iPad Pro POS: 7 Reasons it’s a Revolution
Earlier this week, Apple CEO, Tim Cook, announced “the biggest news in iPad since the iPad”.
5 Proven Methods To Grow Your Retail Business
Realizing the opportunities via e-commerce, I ran a very successful online store selling customized platforms for high-end home audio equipment. But after a few years, I simply lost interest, despite the exceptional income.
7 Challenges Food Truck Owners Must Overcome
The mobile food industry continues to grow, especially in urban areas like Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Denver. While the concept is appealing to a variety of foodie entrepreneurs, the venture is not without its own unique set of challenges.
iPad POS Security: The New Wave of Hacking and Credit Card Fraud
A Point-of-Sale system (POS system) is typically recognized as any technology that conducts and records sales transactions, processes credit and debit cards, and manages inventory.
Point of Sale System Basics for Retailers
Your point-of-sale (POS) system should do more than just ring up sales. The technology exists to make POS systems vital elements of every aspect of your business. Here are some of the basic tools a modern POS system like Bindo provides.
4 Reasons POS Systems Are Important
Technology is moving business forward. If you’re a retailer who refuses to upgrade your point of sale methodology, it’s quite possible you’ll be left behind in a world of calculators, printed receipts and late night inventory checks. POS systems provide retailers with a user-friendly means of bringing their company into the 21st century.
12 Songs You Really Shouldn’t Play in Your Retail Store
It’s been said that music shapes consumer behavior. The right songs can increase your store’s sales…but #cringeworthy music can drive customers away. Here are 12 songs we really don’t recommend you play in your retail store.
10 Eye-Catching iPad Stands That Will WOW Your Customers
Using an iPad POS like Bindo will, without a question, impress your customers. But pairing it with an eye-catching iPad stand will definitely make them think you’re the coolest store around. Here are 10 iPad stands that have certainly grabbed our attention.
How these 7 Startups are Disrupting Retail
The startup ecosystem is straight up bustling with companies disrupting retail. These startups are popping up in the space like no other. They range from helping merchants sell more, to enhancing shopping experiences, to improving customer loyalty and increasing repeat purchases.
Amazon Local Register: Who Does it Really Hurt?
What will come of the Amazon Local Register? We can’t say yet, but one thing is for sure. They’re hurting local businesses more than they’re helping them.
20 Hilariously Misspelled Signs You’re Sure to Enjoy
Some people could really benefit from a real-life autocorrect. Take these 20 funny misspelled signs as a prime example. As a business owner, you don’t want to make the same mistakes!
6 Strategies to Make Your Business Go Viral on Twitter
Developing an effective Twitter strategy may be more beneficial than you think. 53% of Twitter users recommend products and companies. 48% of them follow through on their intent to buy the tweeted product. But how can you make your product the tweeted product?
10 Tips to Keep Your Employees Happy
Retail store owners often find it challenging to maintain a stable, productive workforce. Who doesn’t want their staff to be happy and content with their jobs? After all, it’s a proven fact that happy employees create happy customers! Here are 10 tips that you can start using today to keep your employees happy.
How to Improve Customer Loyalty in Retail Stores
45% of your customers won’t come back. Let that sink in. Unlike the most recent Lego Movie, 45% of one time customers won’t come back in most businesses. And think about it, why would they? They have no loyalty to you.
How To Retain Customers In Retail: Avoid These Mistakes
Running a modern retail business is no small task. The bread and butter of merchants (and their employees) depend on customers- and their customers’ satisfaction. How often (and how soon) a customer comes back once they’ve left your store is vital for small business growth.
Business and Boxing: Here’s Why Boxers Make Better Entrepreneurs
Fighting has been around for approximately… forever. However, like anything else, there’s a right way and a “not so” right way to fight. The “not so” right way to fight is to go into the street and start swinging wildly at everyone like a maniac.
5 Simple Guerrilla Marketing Ideas for Retail Stores
Every business owner wants to create that special buzz around his/her store. You know the one. It’s the one where every conversation has a mention of your shop. It’s the one where everyone from preteens to octogenarians have heard of you. It’s the one where you’re the talk of the town, the bees’ knees, the real McCoy – and any other outdated sayings I may have missed.
Before they frown: Have a Customer Service Recovery Plan in Place
Customers may be the livelihood of your business, but that doesn’t mean you’ll always want to deal with them. Any retail owner can attest to this. The truth is, no matter how rude or how unbearable they are, the old adage still holds true… the customer is always right.
Small Businesses Selling on Amazon – It’s Not That Easy
At first glance, it might seem as though online marketplaces such as EBay and Amazon are good places to sell your product. And you’re right… it is! I mean, think about it, at 90 million visitors per day, even a tiny proportion of those visitors who view and purchase your product can drive a huge increase in sales for you.
Keep ’em Coming Back- Customer Retention Tips
You can have the coolest store in the world, with the best products, top of the line customer service, and the best looking guys and gals working behind the counter, but none of that matters without your customers.
Think Customers: Secrets to Retail Success
Without customers, you don’t have a business. Understanding customers is just as important (and sometimes as hard) as understanding technology. First, understand your customer’s needs, then supply the products to satisfy them. Don’t focus on making more sales; profits are only a reward for creating value for customers.
6 Retail Metrics You Absolutely Need to Track for Your Store
Growing a retail business requires expanding: Expanding in terms of increasing physical store locations or getting more customers into the store. But there are several other ways of boosting profits, though these are often overlooked by most retail store owners.