October 30, 2015
Mastering Social Media: Top 5 Restaurant Twitter Feeds To Follow

Top 5 Restaurant Twitter Feeds

Do you follow your favorite restaurant on Twitter? Are you in charge of a restaurant’s Twitter account and want to know how to get more followers? Check out these five restaurant Twitter feeds. Be amazed and take notes from the pros who have it mastered.

Myers + Chang
Myers + Chang is a Pan Asian diner in Boston, Massachusetts. Their Twitter feed shows great shots of their cuisine, but it also reveals some secrets from behind the scenes: a general manager doing handstands, faces drawn on eggshells, and birthday wishes to their staff. Follow along to get to know their staff because they’re known for their great service. I know that because Myers + Chang is great about retweeting customer comments and replying to customer compliments. When service extends to the Twittersphere, you know you’ve found gold. Add the charity events and retweeted fundraiser requests and you see why Myers + Chang is one of the best restaurant Twitter feeds out there.

Sprinkles Cupcakes
The cupcake giant Sprinkles uses the company Twitter account to communicate with regular customers and anyone else who has an interest in cupcakes. Follow them to find out which new flavor is available or which one will soon disappear for a while. But perhaps the cleverest way Sprinkles uses Twitter is to share secret discount phrases. Learn the code words on the Twitter feed and whisper them in the store for a discount or special deal.

It’s not enough that Chipotle is known for using local produce (when available) and naturally raised meat sources. There is more to the company than the “Cultivating Thought” series you read on their cups and bags. Chipotle has mastered the art of more than just burritos; they’ve mastered social media, too. Follow @ChipotleTweets to find out their unique spin on current events, how the company is involved in the food industry as well as the community. Enjoy the clever puns. But perhaps the biggest reason Chipotle has more than 680,000 followers is their willingness to engage other tweeters and to retweet those who mention them on the site. Sure, it’s a marketing tool, but it makes people feel special and it works.

One of the most famous food trucks in the Los Angeles area is constantly on the move. How do they keep customers coming back for more Korean fusion tacos and burritos when their location changes regularly? One word: Twitter. Kogi’s 130,000 plus Twitter followers can find out when the Kogi truck will be in their area with a quick look at the latest tweet. In addition to sharing their current location, Kogi has mastered the knack for using a retweet to reply to a Twitter user who mentions them. That’s sharing and caring, a win-win for everyone.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries
Five Guys Burgers and Fries takes the burger world’s spotlight on Twitter. Find weekly photos of real life customers tweeted and honored as Five Guys Fanatics on Fridays. Read the retweets of raving fans and the humble responses of the ever-expanding burger chain on their timeline.

To master using Twitter like these great restaurants have, do what they do:

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