December 30, 2015
10 Time-Saving Ways To Use Your Tablet-based POS System

Managing a retail business is hard work. To stand a chance at succeeding, you have to find a way to accomplish things as efficiently and effectively as possible. A tablet POS can help you do that. Bindo POS will help you complete the following ten tasks in less time.

Manage Inventory
When your employees scan an item at checkout, the tablet POS adjusts the inventory count accordingly. If you have multiple store locations, you can configure the inventory management system to manage the inventory for all of the locations together. The same is true for online sales. All of your inventory managed in one location means fewer late night dates with a calculator.

Create Purchase Orders
When certain products have a low inventory, you can create and send a purchase order on the spot using Bindo POS. Configure the system to alert you when inventory reaches a certain level to ensure you never run out of your best-selling items.

Create An Internet Store
If you don’t already have an online storefront, you need one. Customers are more likely to search for products online before they set foot in your store now than ever before, thanks to mobile technology. Thanks to tablet and Bindo technology, you can create an online store with one click provided all your inventory is already in the system. One click is about as efficient as it gets.

Integrate Online And In Store Sales Figures
Once you have your online store use a tablet POS system to integrate the sales numbers from brick and mortar stores and online sales into one location, or compare online sales with in-store sales for future planning.

Back Up The Server
If your network server is located on the premises on your retail establishment, you or one of your employees is responsible for updating it and backing up all the company data to another server in case of an emergency. When you use Bindo POS, the cloud-based system automatically updates information and saves data to the cloud so you don’t have to worry about it.

Customer Relationship Management
Use one of the three methods Bindo offers to keep track of customer loyalty: number of visits, number of products purchased, or amount spent. These numbers help determine when to award your most loyal customers for their support.

Remember all those nights spent tabulating sales numbers from this quarter and comparing them to the same quarter of previous years? Bindo POS compiles those reports for you. Look at overall sales numbers, annual numbers, individual sales numbers, and a variety of other analytic data without ever having to touch a pencil to paper.

Need to share that data with board members or shareholders? No problem. Just project the reports directly from a tablet to the screen using BlueTooth technology.

Employee Time Cards
Use the tablet as a time clock, too, to keep track of employee hours, schedules, and overtime. Bindo integrates with a number of accounting software brands to make payroll a cinch.

Manage Shift Activity
Since cash is still a currency of choice, your cash drawer needs to be in order. A tablet POS system can help you monitor and manage shift activity for the drawer so you can see who closed which sale and when. Use this feature to help you balance the drawer or correct a mistake for a customer.

These and other customizable features of the Bindo POS system work to save retailers both time and money. Still not convinced? Sign up for a free trial and give it a test drive.

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