December 18, 2015
Bindo POS: Your Friendly Retail POS System

As retail continues to evolve, your point of sale system needs to be able to keep up. When you’re choosing a retail POS system, consider all Bindo has to offer. Bindo POS is a progressive, innovative retail solution perfect for any retail business. That’s not just a sales pitch; we back it up with features and benefits you need in the ever-changing marketplace. Choosing Bindo POS makes good business sense. Here’s why:

Retail sales don’t just happen in a physical store any more. They happen online and in-store. Sometimes one purchase involves a customer making a payment online to pick up the product in-store. Bindo POS offers multi-channel capabilities. In fact, with Bindo, you can create your online store with a single click.

Bindo is a mobile POS system. Your retail employees don’t have to stand behind a counter at a bulky machine that’s bolted to one location. Bindo works on an iPad, so your employees can walk the sales floor, answer customer questions, and checkout visitors without ever sending someone to wait in line at a counter. This makes the shopping experience seamless for your in-store customers.

With the mobility Bindo provides, employees can also access detailed product information for guests in real time. No more running back to the storeroom to check measurements, colors, compatibility or availability. All that information is with the sales staff on the floor. You can also check inventory at other stores within your company on the iPad with Bindo. That saves them time it would ordinarily take to find a phone number, make a phone call, and wait for another staff member to visit the storeroom. It’s all there on the touch screen.

Inventory Management
Now would be a good time to point out that Bindo POS provides real time inventory management across all channels. If someone in the store purchases the last clearance item, the online shopper will not be able to complete their transaction. When a product is scanned for purchase, it automatically adjusts the inventory tally on the POS system. Bindo even gives retailers a warning when inventory gets too low or when a certain item seems to be in high demand. That warning can be followed up with a purchase order filled out on the POS system, too.

Employee and Customer Friendly
Because Bindo POS uses the familiar touch screen interface of an iPad, the learning curve for training employees is relatively low. It’s customer friendly in its customer loyalty feature and reduced wait time in checkout lines.

Bindo POS is a cloud-based system. That means it is more secure against fraud, can operate in real time across multiple locations, and is not dependent on a server managed by store personnel who are not trained in IT. It also means a retail manager can access employee sales numbers, store profitability, and customer metrics from anywhere there is an Internet connection. You don’t have to be on location after hours to look at the data.

Local Marketplace
Once your store is online with Bindo, your retail merchandise is automatically added to Bindo Marketplace. When local customers search for a specific item, instead of national and international retailers who offer the product topping the list of results, Bindo Marketplace displays local businesses who have it. This is perfect for smaller retailers who rely on local customers, for those concerned about the carbon effects of shipping, and for customers who want to see an item firsthand before making a purchase.

Bindo POS automatically collects data and can create relevant reports based on customer loyalty or sales numbers. Use the metrics to determine product placement, re-ordering, peak times, and the frequency of customer visits. The more information you have, the better decisions you will be able to make. The beauty of Bindo is that it does the leg work of gathering the data for you.

Need something more specific? Bindo is committed to helping retailers create a POS that works for them. As a result, our team will work with you to develop a customized system that best fits your unique needs. Not every POS company can say that.

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